Wheel Ramps for Lowered Cars: Caravan Leveling Ramps

Wheel Ramps for Lowered Cars: Caravan Leveling Ramps

Price: from A$38.50


If you own a lowered car and work on it yourself, you have most likely come across the problem of not being able to use regular wheel ramps or not being able to get a regular trolley jack under the car.

There are solutions: like buying special wheel ramps for lowered cars or an expensive low profile trolley jack.

Allow us to present you with a lower cost alternative: caravan leveling ramps.

With a set of these ramps you can lift your car up to around 100 mm. This might be enough on its own to do whatever work needs to be done. It should also be plenty of room to position a regular trolley jack to lift the car further if needed.

Not only are these usually less expensive than the special wheel ramps available for lowered cars, but they generally lift the car higher. Plus they usually have three or four different levels to choose from.

Most are made from plastic but they still have a weight capacity of at least 2 tonnes, and some include chocks to lock the car in place.

Before purchasing you should check that the ramps will fit your car, as some of the ramps are around 150 mm at their highest point. Given that most of the caravan ramps are fairly short (around 600 mm) this could be a problem for some lowered vehicles so a ramp that is not as high would be needed.



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