Heads-up Display (HUD)

Heads-up Display (HUD)

Price: from around A$18.00


Taking your eyes off the road can be dangerous, so some car manufacturers include a heads-up display where important information like what speed you are travelling is shown on the car's windscreen so you can see it at all times without looking away from the road.

You can add a heads-up display to almost any car.

These products are available inexpensively and are attached to the top of your dashboard. Most include a transparent film that you need to attach to your windscreen so that the display can be easily read in all conditions. They usually require a car with an OBD2 connection to read vehicle information such as speed (most cars made in the last 20 years have this), although some speed-only displays use GPS instead.

In addition to speed, basic OBD2 units might also show you voltage, engine temperature, and various alarms.

More expensive units can include engine speed meters (RPM), fuel consumption, overspeed alarms, engine fault codes and all sorts of measurements for things like engine vacuum/boost and more obscure things like throttle position.

Some include a function to measure your car's acceleration.

Another option is to use your mobile phone as a heads up display, allowing you to see your phone's navigation display reflected on your windscreen. Or you can use a OBD2 Bluetooth interface and a heads-up display app. Kits typically include a phone holder and a piece of reflective film that you can affix to your windscreen.



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