Car Windscreen Roller Blind

Car Windscreen Roller Blinds

Price: from around A$7.00


If you've ever thought there has to be something better than fold up sun shades to keep the inside of your car cool when parked in the sun, then take a look at these windscreen blinds.

The blind attaches on one side of the inside of your windscreen with two suction cups. On the other side you attach a third suction cup.

When you park you simply pull the blind out and attach to the third suction cup.

When you release the blind it automatically retracts and you're ready to go.

These can be used on both your front and rear windscreens so you may want to get two!

Blinds are available in reflective silver or a black film with transparent holes (which are ideal for rear windows).

There are various sizes available, the largest being 58 cm high by 125 cm wide. For smaller cars there is 40 or 45 cm by 125 cm wide. You can also get smaller blinds for side windows.



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