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June 12, 2019 | Used cars

"Very sad to see this car go. Looked after like a baby..." (the poor baby)

Seller: "Very sad to see this car go. Looked after like a baby..."

In the same advertisement that this seller says they have looked after their 2003 BMW 3-Series like a baby and had it serviced regularly, they also say that it failed roadworthy because:

• Front tyres worn
• Rear brake pads and tyres worn under limit
• Wiper blades
• Windscreen washer jet pump not working
• Radiator has a crack and needs occasionally top-up
...amongst other faults.

Sure, these are minor issues, but we're a bit worried that if this seller does have an actual baby how well is it being cared for? It likely hasn't had a nappy change in a couple of days and is sucking on a fault dummy!

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